7 Tips for Ladies on How to Properly Dress for a Night at the Casino

You Won’t Distress in the Right Dress
Unless you live your life like a Bond movie character, then you have probably had few chances of spending a night in a real casino. And small slots digs you could go to in your sweat pants do not count for obvious reasons. But let’s say your company decides to give its employees a real treat and take you all on a team building weekend at one of the fanciest and most luxurious casinos. Do you wear regular clothes, search through your wardrobe and your friend’s wardrobe for something that feels right or do you hit the mall? Here are a couple of dos and don’ts.

7 Tips on How to Properly Dress for a Casino Night

1. Whatever you do, don’t wear your regular clothes

And by this we mean the clothes in which you do your shopping, you pick up your kids or you run errands. If we are indeed talking about a special occasion, be it an invitation from your company, a vacation, a trip done on purpose, an event organised in the area which gives you the opportunity to spend a night at the casino, don’t minimise it by wearing your daily clothes!

It doesn’t matter how laid back you are, you still need to put some effort into it. Take our advice and we guarantee you’ll look stunning!

2. Do some research on the place

Remember how you felt every time you showed up to an event overdress or underdressed? When you either sat there, feeling like an overly embellished Christmas tree next to casually dressed people, or wearing comfortable clothes while others were rocking cocktail dresses and suits? Although we hope you do not have such memories to tap into, we are certain that this happened to you at least once. Make sure not to add the memory of this event to the batch.

Some places mention whether they have a specific dress code. In other cases, it is the event organisers who can mention this in your invite. Double and triple check on this. If the event is out of town, you will have to pack accordingly.

3. You can’t go wrong with a little black dress

Not even if you try really hard! The little black dress is the secret weapon any woman should have in her wardrobe. It will go with any type of casino, be it formal and elegant or decadently luxurious. You can move around, gamble and constantly look like you are ready to attend that after party everybody is whispering about in corners.

4. Finally! A good opportunity to wear that low-cut or that backless dress!

Yes, once you’ve made sure that the dress code calls for something glamorous and sexy, go for it. However, keep in mind what your intentions for the evening are. If you want to wear a deep cleavage, wear it with elegance and avoid the tables where you might have to constantly stand up and lean forward.

These places are a bit decadent, indeed, but you don’t need to put them on the map for unintentional indecent exposure.

A backless dress would be more appropriate as it does not come with such a high risk of revealing everything. It is elegant and maybe a bit too bold to wear at a wedding or a business or family affair. Therefore, perfect for a casino night! The die has been cast!

5. Yes! to the sparkly details

If you do not feel like wearing a dress, you can still go for shorts, a short skirt or a fitted jacket, if they have something that makes them good for the occasion. Well-applied sequin can make any such item stand out and be perfect for the event.

6. A jumpsuit – the compromise between elegance and comfort

We kind of felt bad calling the jumpsuit a compromise, since it is such an amazing option. It is just as elegant as a dress yet much more comfortable than one. Choose something dramatic and classy.

7. A well-tailored, sexy suit

You can rock an androgynous outfit and wear a suit. Pay attention though, this is not the type of suit you might wear to work, though. We are talking about that sexy pant suit you only wear to special events. The one that is well-tailored, that makes you feel like a million bucks. And if you are planning on entering the ranks of the rest of the high rollers, maybe this is the attire for you!

Remember! It’s a casino, not a club! You need to be elegant-sexy, not club-sexy. Always check the dress code for the place or for the event, wear heels and make sure your hair looks great. Nothing stands out worse in a casino than unkempt hair.