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Celebrity Fashion: Inspiring Us to Dress Better

Celebrities from different fields have always enjoyed an iconic status amongst us for different reasons. However, celebrity dressing styles are always etched in the minds of the people. We surely do look up to them when deciding on our looks and for fashion ideas. Though not all celebrities and their fashion styles can be imitated and followed there are some celebrities whose fashion sense is certainly an inspiration to all of us. These are some of them who never fail in creating fashion trends.

Michelle Obama

michelleThe U.S First Lady has managed to capture the imagination of fashion lovers across the world right from the year 2008 when she came under the limelight. She has always maintained an all-American style but has managed to experiment with her clothes recently. Her dresses are a mix of different cuts and vivid colours. She is always an epitome of elegance. Her signature style knee length dresses have inspired millions to follow suit. With her powerful speeches, personality and an impeccable fashion sense Michelle Obama is a certainly an inspiration.

The Duchess of Cambridge: Kate Middleton

The Duchess can easily be considered as one of the most influential people in the fashion circles. Her fashion sense has been widely appreciated across the world. Though she is the fashion icon at any event exactly dressed for the occasion her casual looks have also scored high with people across the world. Her style has evolved from a conservative one to that of grace and elegance. Her dresses have inspired numerous designers and hordes of dresses similar to her style have been sold out in minutes. Her sense of style and fashion surely does inspire every person who wants to look good.

David Beckham: Football Fashion

david3Though it might have been his football skills which have created a huge fan following, his fashion sense also scores high amongst the people. He is one celebrity who is not afraid to experiment with his looks and has always created trends in fashion long before they are exhibited in fashion shows. He has even mastered the technique of making dull-looking sportswear appear fashionable. Be it his perfectly tailored suits or statement ties, they have managed to set trends across the world. His casual attires are mostly black which gives and instant slimmed down look. What has set him apart from other celebrities is his numerous hairstyles. The man bun, a side sweep or the buzz cut are some of his more famous haircuts that have been duplicated by men across the world. He is certainly one style icon that men can look up to and take inspiration from.

Though celebrity fashion and styles always look good and attractive for scores across the world, it cannot be said that they would look good on everyone. It is imperative that people who are inspired by celebrity fashion modify and adopt the style in such a manner that it suits them.