The accessories to go for this fall

Fashion for the Fall: Accessorize Yourself

Every season brings with it new trends and styles, and with the advent of information technology the trends are immediately reflected across the globe. When it comes to compiling a wardrobe for a season, nothing says style more than the accessories such as shoes, scarves, jewellery and hats that complete a fashionable outfit. The fall season 2016 is no exception, and the latest trends in accessories are listed below. Get inspired by the list of celebrity ideas and you can well recreate their look at home.

Shoes for Fall’16:

shoesShoe trends this fall are an amalgamation of the trends of multiple decades blended together. Shoe styles that have managed to capture the imagination of fashionistas across the world this fall are pointy-toe shoes. Rounded-heel shoes and shoes with multiple straps around the ankle have also managed to be among the top trends this fall. One of the unique trends this fall is footwear worn with stockings and socks. Open-toed shoes, footwear with multiple straps and big buckles are some more trending styles this fall. Gothic shoes, velvety shoes, and sequins on footwear are also on the list of the most favoured fashion notes this season. Block-heeled booties, caged heels and over-the-knee boots complete the list of must-have foot fashion statements to make this fall.

Latest Jewellery Trends:

The string of pearls has always been a fashion statement, and it has returned to its former glory during this fall season though it comes with a twist under the inspiration of young jewellery designers. Single earrings are a rage now and have broken away from the tradition of being worn on both ears. Jewellery representing rebel culture and asymmetric earrings are also in vogue now. Bracelets over sleeves and layered necklaces can also be considered as the latest trends of fall.

Headgear Trends for Fall:

Fashion experts feel that headgear goes a long way in increasing the value of your standing look in the fashion charts. It is important to choose a hat that suits your face shape and complexion rather than blindly following the trend. Soft head-hugging beanies are first on the list despite the harm that they might do to the hairstyle. Gangster-style large hats or fedoras are a rage this season, but don’t forget the French beret styled hats that will find themselves perched on many a head. Baseball caps, normally considered as a male domain, have now been extended to both the genders. Veiled hats add a touch of elegance while bizarre headgears add an element of surprise to the fashion trends.

Scarves for Fall’16:

Scarves are a must-have for every season and have never gone out of style. They add on to the beauty of the whole dress and are quite functional too. The season’s scarves are designed on strong fabrics in an interesting array of colours, iconic designs and motifs. Wrap these scarves around you and transform yourself!

Bags Galore:

gucciBags are an accessory which can never be discounted from a season’s wardrobe. Like scarves, bags also have both functional and fashion value. Fall season has seen a wide collection of bags in different shapes, sizes and colours. Satchels, embroidered bags, guitar straps, snakeskin bags, bags made of velvet and belt bags are some of the leading trends this season in the bags.

These fashions trends are set after a series of runaway shows across fashion capitals of the world. Though there is always a compelling sense to follow these trends, comfort should rank high while selecting dresses and accessories for ourselves. Find out which colours and looks work well for you and choose the right accessories to score high in the fashion arena this season.